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The ProActive Fire and Rescue System (ProFARS™) is the first and only emergency management platform specifically designed to facilitate cooperation between Government Resources and Responders with Commercial and Civilian populations.  Developed as a turnkey solution for real world emergency management, ProFARS™ utilizes a multi-tiered system architecture which enables it to be scalable within any environment. 


Combining ProFARS™ with mainstream technology has created a platform in which emergency planning/coordinating, information sharing, dynamic population alerting, and real time location tracking are achievable.  For increased security and privacy, ProFARS™ utilizes tier specific functionality and limitations while maintaining a specific level of system integration.  Unlike conventional systems available today, ProFARS™ provides immediate access to previously unobtainable information.


For more information on the ProActive Fire and Rescue System, please visit the ProFARS™ website at:

ProActive Fire and Rescue System

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